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HDR is a dynamic and globally recognized firm that believes in the transformative power of collaborative work. They hold a firm belief that their innovative ideas have the potential to inspire positive change and bring meaningful value to the world. Embracing the notion that coloring outside conventional lines can illuminate fresh perspectives, HDR places great emphasis on the importance of small details in yielding crucial realizations.

Specializing in architecture, engineering, environmental, and construction services, HDR is widely known for its contributions to communities through the creation of high-performance buildings and smart infrastructure. However, their impact goes beyond the physical realm, as their multidisciplinary teams, consisting of scientists, economists, builders, analysts, and artists, create an unshakable foundation for progress.

With a global workforce operating in over 200 locations, HDR's employees play a pivotal role in pushing the boundaries of what's possible on a daily basis. Guided by a set of core values, HDR emphasizes the importance of living within a network, thinking globally while acting locally, and bringing together the right individuals for each client and engagement. They prioritize listening as a key element in problem-solving, recognizing that understanding the root and complexity of an issue is essential for finding the best solutions.


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Address: 602 N. Staples St. STE 150, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Phone (361)-881-1800
Email: info@unitedcorpuschristi.org

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