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The Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce has a rich history dating back to 1943 when it was initially chartered as the Negro Chamber of Commerce, marking a pivotal moment as the first chamber of its kind in the region. Since its inception, the Chamber has remained steadfast in its commitment to fostering economic development within the Black community and the broader Coastal Bend area. Its founding principles revolve around empowering Black and Minority Business Owners through education and support, with a focus on promoting existing businesses, nurturing start-ups, and facilitating entrepreneurial ventures across the Coastal Bend region.

With a clear mission to advance social and economic development within the Coastal Bend's Black/African-American communities, the Corpus Christi Black Chamber of Commerce operates as a catalyst for change. Through education initiatives and the expansion of business opportunities, the Chamber aims to make a tangible impact on the region's economic landscape. Its overarching purpose is multi-faceted, encompassing the development, promotion, and protection of African American and minority businesses in Corpus Christi and surrounding areas. Furthermore, the Chamber is dedicated to supporting the educational and economic growth of the African American and minority business community while serving as a vital resource, forum, and advocate for pertinent issues affecting this demographic, thus unifying their voices for collective progress and empowerment.


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Address: 602 N. Staples St. STE 150, Corpus Christi, TX 78401

Phone (361)-881-1800

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